Question on sealer's. Posted by Sandra on Aug 19, 2014
What sealer's are generally used for either paper maché or for clay surfaces? And are they available in Canada? Thank you!
Re: Question on sealer's. Posted by C16thFoxe on Aug 19, 2014
I usually glue paper strips over my moulds with a diluted PVA (wood worker's White Glue) solution. This is an extremely quick and simple water proofing method which does not require a final sealant.

One traditional sealant is Shellac (naturally-occuring yellowish orange flakes of a resin "lac" which are secreted by a tropical beetle and then dissolved in alcohol). The disadvantages of shellac are its long drying time ... and the smell (which takes a very long time to dissipate). Varnish can also be used, but it has the same disadvantages as shellac.

The modern approach is to use a clear, non-yellowing, acrylic sealer spray which should be available at most craft stores.

A useful comparison between varnish and PVA sealing can be found here:

Re: Question on sealer's. Posted by Sandra on Aug 19, 2014
Awesome, this will help a lot. I will have to buy loads of glue as I will surely need it for my marionettes. The fact that I am working in my basement with little ventilation, it is a good thing to go towards that avenue instead of the toxic ones such as lac or varnish products.

Great help Dorian, many thanks and much puppet hugs.

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