Hello Posted by JonathanB on Aug 25, 2014
Just a quick hello!

I've started another post in the Projects forum where I'm starting a puppet for my wife who is a teacher to use in the classroom.

Re: Hello Posted by Shawn on Aug 26, 2014
Welcome to PandS!  I welcomed you in the other post also but wanted to make it official.
Re: Hello Posted by The Puppet Workshop on Aug 27, 2014
Welcome to P&S. Hope upi enjoy your experience here. Loads of useful info and friendly puppet folk. Great progress on your first puppet too.
Re: Hello Posted by Allan McConnell on Sep 04, 2014
Hello JonathanB I am new to this forum and puppetry too.

I have just visited your other post and am inspired. I am in the process of making a puppet too and carved it out of foam that I had picked up at the local dump. I was happy with it until I tried to cover it and have learned a few lessons along the way.

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