Puppet eyes and doll joint Posted by Puppetlover on Aug 31, 2014
Can anyone help me ..Has anyone written a sources such items? I can't fond
I'm  lived in the Middle East ,where I can purchase  puppets eyes (with a pupil ) size of a half ping pong ball and
doll joint
No I can't find this at craft store here
Thank a Lott 
Re: Puppet eyes and doll joint Posted by Shawn on Aug 31, 2014
Most all the suppliers of puppet parts are here in the US. Check Julie's site. http://www.outoftheboxpuppets.com/ It may not be in here default setup but maybe if you contact her she would be willing to make a special shipment to you.
Re: Puppet eyes and doll joint Posted by kirstycrrr on Aug 31, 2014
this place says that they ship worldwide


I've never used them, but they have 30mm eyes in different colours and doll joints.

otherwise you could improvise and use a ping pong ball or plastic spoon with a button or one of those felt circles that you get for putting underneath furniture legs to prevent scratching the floor for the pupil.

good luck!
Re: Puppet eyes and doll joint Posted by Out of the Box Puppets on Aug 31, 2014
Where in the Middle East? I'll check on the shipping regulations. Another option if we can't ship them is http://www.mermibridg.com She is in the UK and carries 45mm & 65mm half ball blanks.


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