Flocking Posted by Glowzinski on Oct 18, 2014
  Ok, I am reading the Jim Henson bio.  I all of a sudden had so many ideas for puppets.  So, I started making puppets.  haha  I am on my second one.  But, I read something in his bio a couple of days ago about something called flocking.  I want to try it.  I saw a place that had something to do it with, but it was like $1800.  Is there anything cheaper out there?
Re: Flocking Posted by Chris Arveson on Oct 18, 2014
Flocking looks like a lot of fun, with some great possibilities There was a short thread on flocking that you can access here: Flocking thread.

In that thread, Billy has a link to a supply company. Their website has moved since then, and is now www.flockit.com

I'm guessing that the high-prices stuff you found is using the electro-static process. Depending on what you are flocking, and how big it is, there are definitely different methods. The company at www.flockit.com use an adhesive, and then the flock is either poured into the item, or an air-assisted spray gun is used. Those guns can be obtained for less than what you were looking at.

Either way, explore, and I hope you will find good stuff you can share back with us.

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