All the things are happening! Posted by mrbumblepants on Feb 23, 2015
It feels at times like I'm never gonna get back to regular puppet making, but I am hopeful it will be soon. Here's a run down of how my winter's been:

- got all excited about new puppet stuff! Yay!
- Prepped to move to a new, better location!
- Waited to move to the new location.
- More waiting.
- Got stuff to new location. Waited for it to be open so we could use it.
- Finally got in! And....the floor flooded.
- More waiting!
- Finally got everything up and running. No internet.
- New medication that makes accomplishing anything impossible, including finishing puppet backgrounds.
- Totally abandoned my practice regiment, due to 0% energy.
- Internet access! Still adjusting to meds, so very little accomplishment.  :\'(
- Now on a lower dose, which is already letting me actually get stuff done!

So that should be the end of it, but...
- Still need puppet backgrounds
- It turns out this location seriously needs soundproofing. The walls rattle with music outside. :/
- New job coming up! Schedule changes! So I can't solidify when I'm doing everything, which makes it harder to get back into routine.

I think we can work with the people who rent our space and set up a quiet time to film. Just as soon as I know what's going on.

I'm holding up pretty good, and reminding myself there is progress. But this has been quite the unexpected detour, since I thought I'd be up and filming in December at least. Now that I'm getting my energy back, I can at least get into practicing puppetry again.

Re: All the things are happening! Posted by TygerMin on Feb 23, 2015
Progress is progress, even when you are inching forward!  Good to hear things are moving forward, can't wait to see whats coming

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