Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Trolls 'n Goblins on Feb 26, 2015
Hi everyone! 

It's a pleasure to meet you all.

I'm Seth, I'm 34 years of age as we speak, and I live in the Netherlands, Europe.

I love art, in every aspect of the word, and love to get artistic with various media like clay, wood, leather, foam, fabric, felt, fur, you name it.
I am a self-taught cartoonist (not the best, but I enjoy it!), I paint, airbrush, sculpt and .. well, everything I can learn, I try to learn.
My main interrest genre-wise, are Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction and every cross-over you can imagine between these.

Why I joined Because puppets and puppetry are an art-form I adore. Wether it's handpuppets, rod-puppets, marionettes, it's all beautiful to see them come to life. Shows like The Muppets, and movies like The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Gremlins & Gremlins 2 and similar things having been big parts of my childhood, it's not hard to guess where this fascination came from, ey?  

I'll admit that I've tried making puppets quite a few times, but alas, time-money-succes ratio weren't very forgiving in the past.
But I'll give it another go, with more then one project in mind.

I have some pre-made puppets, which I use to do some streetperformance as well as enriching the settings at LARPs (Live Action Role Play).
But ofcourse, they are not 100% to my wish. And sometimes a setting or project requires something different.
In this case, my drawing skill kind of helps me designing, but to work it out is still a puzzle.
A puzzle I would love to tackle and solve.
I joined because here I can find fellow amateurs as well as seasoned pro's, from whom I can learn a lot!
For me, life is one big lesson, tutorial or workshop, and every new person I meet a friend until proven otherwise!

So thank you for having me!

~ Seth, aka Trolls 'n Goblins  
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Starship Sassafrass on Feb 26, 2015
Welcome Seth!! I too am new here and excited to get to know everyone!! You sound SUPER creative! Great to hear!!
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Trolls 'n Goblins on Feb 27, 2015
Hey Sassefrass!

Thank you, and welcome to you too, then!  \ 
From what I read, this is one of the friendliest communities when it comes to this field, so we should be in good hands! ^^
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Shawn on Feb 27, 2015
Welcome Seth to Puppets and Stuff!  Like your avatar. Is that one of your designs?

Something you might want to look at is the process of creating a pattern from a clay model. Here is a good thread on this subject that should get you started.,7291.0.html

Examining patterns that are already out there are a good starting point also. Many can be modified to suite your needs. There are quite a few free ones scattered about here at PandS and there is always Project Puppet patterns.  Check out the first Question in the FAQ.

Again welcome to the madness!
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by TygerMin on Feb 27, 2015

which I use to do some streetperformance

Ok, I admit, that has me curious.  What type of street performance?
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Trolls 'n Goblins on Feb 28, 2015
Hey all! Thanks for the warm welcomes!

@ Shawn Sorrell: Yes, the Avatar is of my own hand It's my 'Mascott', Flynn the Goblin
I hope to one day turn him into a puppet as well, complete with blink-mechanism and a single glove hand or rod.
Thanks on the compliment! :D

And thank you so much for all those helpful links, I'm definately gonna give those a good look!
Or better, soak up the information like a sponge

I'll post some pictures once I designed, and show some making-of pics when I finally get to making my projects.
I might ask a few tips 'n tricks when I get stuck

@TygerMin: Thanks for the welcome, and my 'Streetperformance' was, like I said, all for my own good fun. Here in the Netherlands, we have a thing named "Queensday", where everyone goes out on the streets to celebrate the Queen's birthday. This can be done by partying hard with drinking and festivities and loud music, or in certain areas, where kids rule and do games and try to earn a little cash with whatever kind of streetperformance they like.
Me and my friend used to grab my puppets, dress up in black, and perform for the children, small and big, free of charge and for our own fun.
Kids as well as adults see the magic, and it's amazing to see even the parents of the little ones have their eyes lit up as if they were kids again.
Kids see you as someone carrying around the colorful character, and interact.
It's really amazing to do it, and whenever there was a party of such magnitude, my friend and I were always there, doing our walk-about act.
We even had a moment of fame on local television. It's funny, how my friend does some wonderful ventriloquism, and kids never see it's him talking.
What's even funnier is that I don't do that well with actual ventriloquism, and still they don't see.
That's the magic to me. 

Sadly, I had 2 very nice puppets, which have sadly become subject to time, wear, moisture in the house and too much patching up.
The dragon isn't even recognisable as a dragon anymore, and the Tiger is in even worse of a shape.
Both their blink mechanisms broke, the foam on the outside chipped and blistered (they were made out of foam with somekind of latex coating and airbrushed colors, Tiger had fur and 'flocking' too, I think it's called), and last time we picked up poor dragon his neck separated from his body, and his arm fell off.

So yeah, time to give these two their last rites and move on to home-made puppets.

We also made some very... euh... AMATEURISTIC, to say the least, sock-puppet imps and devils for a Live Roleplaying event or two.
THey were funny, they made small cameo's during the event, but other then that, they were nothing more then "Last minute sollutions" to a lack of red face paint & horns and an abundance of red socks, fake eyes made out of ping-pong balls, foam and a littlebit of last minute MacGuyver inventivity which turned them into devils/imps. They got the job done, and I'm grateful for that, but it was far from satisfying.
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by TygerMin on Feb 28, 2015
That sounds amazing!  While its sad to hear about those 2 puppets, what a life they must have lived to be used so much  

What's even funnier is that I don't do that well with actual ventriloquism, and still they don't see.

Magic sums that up perfectly, and you are right, it is a great feeling!  I have taken a few puppets around convention floors and the kids simply ignore you and focus on the puppet. 
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Trolls 'n Goblins on Feb 28, 2015
I think that's what's so amazing about the Muppets and other well played puppets.

It makes us all believe in the magic a bit.
As a grown up you KNOW there's a puppet player.
But you CHOOSE not to. As a kid, your imagination makes that choice for you.
And we all are kids at heart when it comes to souled puppets like the Muppets, Freggles, Bear in the big blue house, Toys in the attic etc.

ALSO, I have here, a picture of some 'designs' I plan to work out at some point.
They're sketchy doodles, made for fun, but they pretty much sum up what would be the first project.
Hope you like!

Message Image
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Shawn on Mar 01, 2015
Great sketch designs! Can't wait to see one of them come to life.
Re: Trolls 'n Goblins invasion. Posted by Gail on Mar 02, 2015
Welcome to the adventure! Such great expressions on your faces, you have talent. When I was a child a dearly loved my Troll doll. I have never seen trolls with such large bat like ears.  Getting those large ears to stand up thru lots of shows will be a challenge. Do you think you will need them to be moveable so you can move them for different moods? Would you need them to move as you perform or just manually moved occasionally? 

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