Introducing the Laurel Court Puppets Posted by sweeteye on Apr 13, 2015 name is Andrew Swetye ...from Salem Ohio USA.I just recently became interested in puppetry.A friend of my girlfreind gave me a cat puppet about a year ago.I have been thinking about doing some videos and decided to use the cat puppet..I have now caught the puppetry bug full force and have created the Laurel Court Puppets show.I purchased three,have made four from scratch,and made one out of a stuffed animal.I have produced seven short video clips over the last couple of weeks and started a channel on YouTube for my video project.I do not have the best video recording equipment right now but am thinking a lot about upgrading.Here is a link to one of my videos.A comedy skit for kids.If your interested in seeing more log into youtube and look up my channel....The Laurel Court Puppets.

Terry the Toad at the Laurel Court Comedy Club
Re: Introducing the Laurel Court Puppets Posted by jeezbo on Apr 20, 2015
Good on you!! its never easy to come up with content to create a video for YouTube, let alone leave yourself open to comments and criticism, but I think you have done a grand job and I'm sure in time you will figure out what works best for you. all I would say is that with a little more practise of the script there would be less pause between what the charectors are saying to each other, or what they are saying in general (I watched a few of your vids, terry the toad, rascal and anaconda, etc..) but well done for getting yourself out there and for what you have achieved so far, its not easy to work two puppets at the same time and I saw you doing that, so trust me when I say that it is quite an accomplishment to have done that!! keep going and keep practising with those puppets, lip sync is always a continuous process, and with that comes inferred body movement and small gestures that imply what the puppet is saying without having to say anything at all.
Re: Introducing the Laurel Court Puppets Posted by sweeteye on Apr 21, 2015
Thanks for the reply jeezbo!....You have given me an extra burst of enthusiasm.I have been constantly brainstormimg for new ideas for skits.My goal is to come up with one good skit each week.I like working two puppets at once but making their voices different and consistent is certainly a challenge for me.I find myself a bit shy of rehearsing while my girlfriend is around .Feel funny making strange voices \ .Have been waiting until she is not with me to practice. She is interested in the puppets....eventually we may do some shows together at schools and or churches.Still have lots to do to prepare a show....I suppose getting there is half the fun though.Thanks again!
Re: Introducing the Laurel Court Puppets Posted by Gail on Apr 27, 2015
I like those jokes, best I have heard in a long time, especially the snail one.  I like Hairball puppet.
Re: Introducing the Laurel Court Puppets Posted by sweeteye on Apr 28, 2015
Thanks snail....I am enjoying filming the videos....

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