Puppeteer hoods? Posted by OYFcostumes on Apr 20, 2015
Hi all,

I'm working on a show that I need to buy black mesh puppeteer hoods for. Does anyone have a good source where I can get these?

Re: Puppeteer hoods? Posted by jeezbo on Apr 23, 2015
Hi Isabelle (what a pretty name!) I have been using these sort of puppeteering hoods for years, but I must admit I now only use the full blacklight puppeteering smock with the full face mesh, and I get mine from 'onewaystreet', but im pretty sure they also do a hood on its own, I just use a their smock and trousers as its easier to be matching everything up without any worries of one article of clothing showing up under blacklight. however if you are just using it to blend into the background for normal puppetry, then the hood will probably be fine with other black clothes.
hope that helps, other than that, you cab actually by the mesh pretty cheaply from fabric stores and you could make your own out of medium weight black fabric for the hood and the mesh for the face (im sure black sharkstooth gauze would work well too )

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