Hi Hello Posted by CommanderTea on Aug 07, 2015
Hello! I've been viewing this forum for the past month or so, and I finally decided to make an account. I've been fascinated with puppets and puppet making since I was a kid and just this year I decided to pursue it as a hobby, I guess. So far I've only made one puppet. Hopefully I'll be able to make more in the future, and learn some skills along the way.
Re: Hi Hello Posted by Chris Arveson on Aug 07, 2015
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff. I'm so glad you have introduced yourself. I hope you will share some pictures of the puppet you have already made, and tell us about it.

I'm sure you will learn plenty of skills as you continue to make puppets, and I hope you will share with us the things you are learning.
Re: Hi Hello Posted by Shawn on Aug 08, 2015
Glad you decided to join us!  Make yourself at home!
Re: Hi Hello Posted by Krafty Karacters on Aug 11, 2015
Welcome. Looking forward to seeing your puppets.
Re: Hi Hello Posted by The Director on Aug 11, 2015
Hello and welcome aboard!
Re: Hi Hello Posted by vandisar on Aug 22, 2015
Hello! Everyone here is so nice and welcoming. You'll love it.
Post pics of that puppet!
Re: Hi Hello Posted by Robert T. on Aug 22, 2015
Welcome aboard! Enjoy!

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