New Member to the Forum Posted by Robert T. on Aug 17, 2015
Hello- My name is Bob. My user name on this site is Robert T.  A couple of months ago I saw a video of a fellow operationg/performing a marionette and the "bug" bite me hard!  I am in the process of purchasing books on marionettes, watching all the videos I can, researching everything you can imagine in regards to marionettes.  I have seen many kinds and types of controllers- airplane, horizontal, vertical, etc,etc- but no one showing how to use controllers to make and do multiple moves with said object.  Hmmmm!  Hopefully I can find some of the answers on this site!

Glad to be here- and hope you don't mind me asking questions that may have been answered in the past- just point me in the right direction.

Cheers!  Bob (Robert T.)
Re: New Member to the Forum Posted by Shawn on Aug 17, 2015
Welcome to PandS Bob!  About the only video I know of that explains how to manipulate a marionette is the one below.  It is the basics of movement which is about the best you are going to get.  Since every marionette is so different even when made by the same puppet builder it is kind of hard to give a how to on this subject.


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