when you don't have enough time... Posted by mrbumblepants on Oct 09, 2015
How do you deal when there is limited time to work on your puppetry? I've had so many projects & responsibilities, it's been near impossible the last few months. And on days like today where a chance of making a video presents itself, other things interfere - like equipment failure or the restaurant next door to the studio making gads of noise doing who knows what.

I'm considering moving filming back to my house, but will first need to get a much better light source and make a portable blue screen. Maybe a flood light.
Re: when you don't have enough time... Posted by pagestep007 on Oct 09, 2015
That is a very good question. I am in a similar boat at the moment. Generally we are trying to film something each week, but I am finding it hard to get through the processing of the footage generated on that filming day a week, before the next week rolls around, and it starts to pile up. The slowest part of things is rendering, especially chroma keys, as I use 'Blender' to do that. Although very capable, it can be slow, and I have very old computers, so that makes it really slow. I try to set up shots in the morning and set as many rendering as possible, up to 6 computers at a time, but it is quite tiring keeping track of what computer is doing what shot, and how far the shots have got through, and it gets really slow if the chromas need patching with animated masks. Its all good fun though. If we have noisy situations, we just bowl on ahead and replace the audio further down the track, which is not so easy, but you can still get things done. If that is too much hassle you can pre-record your audio, but that is another story. I also work on physical projects such as puppet or set construction, as the renders are ticking away, and it helps to beat computer fatigue, while getting  stuff done. Even so, there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

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