puppet Company slowly moving forwards and a few questions. Posted by milly on Oct 20, 2015
Hello again all,
Its been a while since I last posted but things are slowly moving forwards. I now have 4 of us who are ready to do rod puppets and learn from each other all we need to, and others of course.
I am paying for all 4 to go on a training day with ukministry oneway at a chapel about 100 miles away so should help us all and a re fresher for me
I have told them there is no money till we start earning it and dont expect a lot.We now have 2 Welsh speaker which opens up a few more doors I hope.
I have supplied all the rod puppets bought cheaply off ebay and some direct from UKministry one way.This has taken a while as I do not work full time , my part time work is as a cycle instructop in primary schools of the county. I also do other events which is peg loom weaving with sheep fleece which brings in a bit of cash. I wish I could get funding but there we are. Plus with funding not being out there for so much I can see some puppet companies not doing so much or folding. So may be an opening there

I am considering converting my old electric bike to a glove puppet mobile theatre.My questions are is a trailer better or doing it cargo style with a platform on the front. Its a heavy old steel model with drive at the back so is strong enough to do the front end
I have seen the Chicargo puppet tricycle on you tube but thats the only one. Does anyone know of any links for plans for a front cargo area
I would also like plans for a puppet booth for glove puppets only to take at most 2 people that would fit said platform maybe colapsable.
Also a supplier of a assortment of glove puppets to fit adult hands as I like using one supplier makes life easier. Follow the motto me of Bill W "Keep it simple"
I have not had time to research this of late so any info would be most welcome

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