The Show Must Go On! Posted by The Director on Nov 28, 2015
After 4 seasons of "The Patsy Hoolahan Show, I needed to take a break.  Loss of my job, (which is more work than working) Other life changes etc. However I am trying to keep my youtube channel somewhat active. Plus what do you do with a room filled with puppets and accessories. WELL,,,,,,You have a fashion show.   "

I may be working full time again soon, so I'm hoping a normal schedule will leave room for more creativity.
Re: The Show Must Go On! Posted by Chris Arveson on Nov 28, 2015
Sorry about the job loss. Four seasons is longer than most network TV shows, so Patsy has had a good run!

Here's hoping that job works out for you.
Re: The Show Must Go On! Posted by pagestep007 on Dec 01, 2015
I am very glad to hear that you may have a job coming up (been praying for you bro...yes, true). I also wanted to encourage you to get back to the fun you had before with Patsy and Co. Whether you have an official job or not, you are on the job that God has given.

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