Puppets for Short Film Posted by jdsmith022 on Dec 03, 2015

I’m working on a small short film to be shot mid-January. The project is funded by Creative England and BFI as part of their highly competitive "alumni" scheme open to filmmakers with previous funding history. The idea is to make a fantastic short in order to raise funding for the feature film we ultimately want to produce.

For the film we are designing an old-fashioned marionette shop with a workshop area where our character creates his string puppets. Due to our small budget we can’t afford to hire marionettes the traditional way so I’m looking for puppet makers that might be able to help us out by lending or hiring us their puppets for a cheaper price.

Would you be happy to support our film? If you cannot help us out yourself would you know of some puppet makes I could try contacting?
Any advice, help, or guidance on how we might be able to achieve the impossible would be gratefully received!

We are based in and working in London and filming will take place near Manchester. We would need puppets for 1 week.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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