Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Dec 18, 2015
Hey all!

I have not been on here for a very long time! I have been up to my neck in puppetry and

Anyways...for some reason I can't wrap my head around this mechanism...

I am looking for a mechanical set up that allows the mouth of a flat paper puppet to move only. I am sure we have all seen them at some point on tv, internet but for some reason I can't find anything on building a mechanism to produce this style of puppet.

I want to use Celebrity pictures and cut out the mouth and make it move as if they are talking.  It is sorta like a ventualiquest puppet basic mouth however I am trying to make it flat (paper). I would like to have the mouth spring back to the close position and not rely on my hand to do this movement only to open when needed.

I would love if anyone has a video link to a site that shows this process.  If there is a book I will purchase it as well.  Or if you have solid knowledge on this topic I would be open to discussing it with you on here or privately.

I am stumped and literally need to find this info.

D Hall     
Re: Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Posted by Shawn on Dec 19, 2015
Hey Daryl, good to hear from you.  I think I know what type you are talking about.

Take one picture of a celebrity and one Popsicle stick or tongue depressor. You cut the bottom of the mouth area out in a slot fashion just how a vent dolls mouth is shaped then you glue that to the stick or depressor.  Now that can slide up and down in the picture to create the movement.  All that is needed now is to add a channel to hold the mech in place. I think the best might be to have some of the stick above the mouth so you can create a sleeve on the back so that it slots into above the mouth.  Think you are going to have to back the picture with cardboard so you have a solid base to work with.  Might need some guide channels at the side of the mouth cut out on the back also.  Now attach a rubber band to the top of the stick and the back of the top of the head. This should keep the mouth in a closed position.  Pull down on the stick and it opens mouth. Release and it closes.

I've never made one but remember at one time seeing picks of the mech and that is what I recall.  I'll see if I can find where I saw that.
Re: Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Posted by Shawn on Dec 19, 2015
Well this is not what I was remembering but it is an pretty cool little version of this type of puppet.

I think maybe this might help you brain storm.  Behind the scenes stuff from Jib Jab.
Re: Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Posted by Chris Arveson on Dec 19, 2015
Perhaps the pic from Lovable Puppet Pals will help spur your inventiveness. I can't bring it up here because this aged iPad is rather uncooperative. If you search Lovable Puppet Pals gallery, there is a simple drawing of a flat talking clock. The concept is very similar to what Shawn is talking about.

The picture is posted in the thread, "How to make a movable clock or speaker mouth puppet."

You can also do a search on the site for the word clock.

As Shawn said, it is very good to her from you again.
Re: Paper puppets moving mouth mechanism? Posted by StiqPuppet Productions on Dec 23, 2015
Thanks so much BOTH Shawn and Chris...those were BIG help. I seriously over think these things...I thought it would be way more complicated involving all sorts of unusual pieces to bring it together. Why do I overthink these things!? I have created one with the two concepts provided by you two and it works great...needs a few tweaks to strengthen parts of it for long term use in the next round but the concept works great!

I love the jib jab style ones seems like a different concept and curious about how they might make those as another option...??

I am doing great but extremely busy with life and puppets!!

I love this group for all the great knowledge stirring around here!

Have a happy holidays all!

D Hall

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