Back entry Posted by animatedsnail on Jan 07, 2016
Hi all,
I normally make my puppets that are operated with bottom access but I have been asked to make a puppet that has its access through his back!
The problem is I normally connect the head onto a sleeve that is then connected to the base of the body. With access from the back I would nt be able to do this :/
What do people normally do? I like to line the inside of the puppets. Any ideas would be gratefully received.
Re: Back entry Posted by Shawn on Jan 07, 2016

You should still be able to do the same thing. You simply just run the sleeve to the back opening instead of to the bottom opening. Just make sure the sleeve is long enough to make the "turn".  Make sense? 

Now in case you normally rely on the attachment to the bottom to control the length of the neck that shows, you can Put a ring of plastic tubing in the sleeve where you want it to stop at the neck opening that is just a bit wider then the neck opening. This keeps the neck from extending too much but still gives mobility in the neck.
Re: Back entry Posted by clerry on Feb 23, 2016
We have done puppets with entry at the base of the head.  The neck runs the usual way, to the bottom,  but instead of attaching it all the way around to the head, the back is left open for access to the mouth mechanism.  So your hand would slide in just under their brain.

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