"Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted by kyledixondesigns on Mar 12, 2016
Hey there, everyone!  Long time, no see.  I hope this finds you all well!  As you may know, my profession is theatrical scenic design.  I'm currently working on a production of "The Wizard of Oz" (the third version during my career), that opens in July.  The artistic team and I are in the process of tossing around ideas for the look of the Wizard, when Dorothy and the gang meet him in his chamber. In the previous two productions I've designed, we've used both projections and a large puppet...and those are our options for this version as well.  At this point, I'm just exploring my options.  In a perfect world, if we go the puppet route, this would be a rental due to build time and staffing constraints.  The head would need to be somewhere in the 6-8 feet height range. 

So here I am, throwing it out there...do any of you have leads to a large-scale Wizard head available for rental on the northeast coast of the United States?  This is a big, flashy production with an Equity cast, lots of flying and effects, and lots of sparkle.  The proposed rental would need to be quite polished and sleek in its design and construction...intimidating, but not overly scary, as the audience will be full of children.  The lighting designer and effects department can handle the scary part.   

Thank you all for any leads or ideas you may have!
Re: "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted by Shawn on Mar 13, 2016
At one time Kansas City Starlight Theatre had a pretty nice package of "Wizard Of Oz".  It is not listed on their set rental page, https://www.kcstarlight.com/about-us/set-rentals but could be they only have parts at this point.  The Wizard was pretty nice if I recall.  It was a professional set built by am IATSE crew.  Might be worth a call to them to see if they still have anything or if they sold it off who maybe they sold it to.
Re: "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted by kyledixondesigns on Mar 16, 2016
Thank you so much, Shawn.  The entire set is designed and almost built at this point (for a July opening!!!).  The wizard is the missing link.  Sigh....  I'll send out an email.  Thanks!
Re: "Wizard of Oz" Wizard Puppet? Posted by pagestep007 on Apr 02, 2016
Sounds like a cool production.

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