Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by azag93 on Jun 07, 2016

I was building a puppet and I had no problem with make pattern, trace and cut edge perfectly with x-acto knife.

I use either hot glue or cement to put foam together into shape and what happen was, is as I put together and even light pitch
both side and it turn out the seam is not flat curves. It turn out not smooth shape edge. What do I do wrong?    
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by TygerMin on Jun 07, 2016
Would you be able to post a picture of what its doing?
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by azag93 on Jun 07, 2016
Here angle from back head as you see it not smooth:


Also a angle of front and side head:



As you see is not smooth and it kind rough bump edge. Any idea what I did wrong?
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by Shawn on Jun 08, 2016
It looks to me like your curve is wrong on your pattern.  I think you need to soften the curve some.  Try cutting the foam you have already put together down some on the part that is curve is to much and then glue back together. When you get what you like then transfer those changes to your pattern.
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by azag93 on Jun 08, 2016
Thank Shawn. I give it a try later and let you guys know how I goes!
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by bluetackman on Jun 22, 2016
You might have pinched the foam together too hard when you glued it. I do that a lot. You don't need to put much pressure onto the glue for it to stick to the foam. If you fleece it, get thicker fleece so you won't notice it as much.
Re: Pitch foam sheet problem Posted by Gail on Jul 02, 2016
Since the outside of the foam seam is the most important I angle/bend the foam to make the outside edges touch first, gently and slowly line outside edge up, then let it touch the rest of the foam seam width.  If you pinch the seam from the topside it can make it stick out instead of being smooth.  Better press the whole foam straight from both sides holding a little further back on the foam from the seam.  That is hard to explain, wish I knew how to video that.  I learned that the contact cement holds better than I expected with less pressure. Your seam looks better than some I have had. A tight skin over that might smooth it out some more too. I agree with Shawn, don't be afraid to try again until you are happy with it. Perfection does not always come the first time.

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