will it sell? Posted by Franklin on Jun 27, 2016
Came up with a design for an individual puppet stand with a built in fan mechanism to help dry out the interior of a puppet after use in order to help cut down on mildew, etc. Thought I would pose this idea to all of you experts out there and see if I am onto something that might have profit potential or if it is something I need to just keep around for personal use. Thanks in advance for the feedback.
Re: will it sell? Posted by Shawn on Jun 28, 2016
Hard to tell if it would have any money making potential really.  I think a lot would depend on cost. My guess is that while you might be able to sell some they would not be a big seller. You would need to have a really good marketing strategy and most likely your best bet would be to get out on the road and sell at conventions.  That being said if it is something that would not take a large investment on your part and could get you some extra money from time to time it might be worth it.
Re: will it sell? Posted by TygerMin on Jun 28, 2016
Cost was my first thought as well.  The other hit it has is that only 1 is needed.  Put your puppet it on, dry it out, than move it to another stand.  I mean, I love the idea of it and could see where it might be useful, just not sure if it alone would be a big market.
Re: will it sell? Posted by Franklin on Jun 28, 2016
thanks guys.

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