Video of our adventure with outfront puppetry Posted by Gabriel G on Jul 23, 2016
Hello everyone  It's been awhile and I hope you're all doing well. I've been very busy this year with staging our newest production, a musical adaptation of R.C. Sproul's, the Lightlings.

In addition to that, our little team from California returned a few short weeks ago from the International Festival of Creative Arts Ministry in IL and I couldn't be more grateful! This was a huge venture for us but we had an amazing time.

I wanted to share with you all a video of a piece we presented for the open puppet competition. "Children of God" serves as our opening number for our show so trying to make it fun while setting the scene was key.

I wanted something very visual that I could also pack easily. I was really inspired after watching the Broadway version of "the Lion King" so went with simple scenery and making our costumes "part" of the scenic design to add splashes of color. Since our team is also small, I decided to bring the puppeteers out to give it a "larger" feel at the end. Since we flew into I-Fest as a team of 4 instead of 5 (one couldn't attend) we did need to re-stage it. We also couldn't bring the full set in but my plan is to replace the small curtain behind the traditional puppet stage with a shadow screen of tree silhouettes.

Anyways, hope you all enjoy!
Re: Video of our adventure with outfront puppetry Posted by Gail on Aug 01, 2016
I never had seen the hand holding like that, cool idea.  That was fun song looks like they all were having a great time.

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