Dream project almost done Posted by TygerMin on Aug 20, 2016
I signed up to this forums about 4 years ago, with the plan to bring a character of mine to life. 

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Didn't tackle the character right away due to fear and chased a variety of other projects over the years.  I have learned a lot through these boards and I am finally realizing that dream.  While I chose to go with a mascot version, I have used the puppet making skills outlined in the many posts and links from this site.  So thank you Shawn and other members

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Still struggling with the idea of things needing to be perfect.  I can see a variety of issues with that character, but trying to let it slide as part of the character and process.  And since this was made with a modified Melonhead pattern, the mouthplate could become functional.  Just have to figure that aspect out
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by Shawn on Aug 21, 2016
I remember this guy!  Good to see you are getting around to bringing him to life!
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by pagestep007 on Aug 21, 2016
It certainly is looking like your concept drawing (looking good) Remember, there is a difference between excellence and perfection. Excellence, you do your best, perfection you get screwed up, because nothing is ever perfect. I like the saying , 'aim for the moon , to hit the tree'. Another thing is, the more puppets you do , the better constructed they become (usually) Keep at it, and have fun (don't forget the 'have fun' part)
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by Gail on Aug 21, 2016
I like him, simple and happy looking, he's a winner.
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by TygerMin on Aug 21, 2016
Thanks   Definitely having fun, though the next step is the scary step.  Planning on using this character to live out several dreams and ideas I have worked towards over the past several years, many which I have attempted to start and have given up on.  His focus is to explore dreams and ideas, and this will start with a YouTube channel but I hope to take him out in an entertainer role as well.  Still figuring out all the details.  When he was created, my dream was to host concerts, hence the guitar.  Will look at that angle, but will also use the puppets I have created meaning he will also explore puppetry.  And for the necessary "dumb" joke, going to have to do a video where he wonders if his lips are moving while doing a ventriloquist act :D  Want to explore others dreams and jobs through Skype and in person interviews, want to film him doing science experiments, box opening videos, Let's Play gaming videos, visiting landmarks and tourist attractions, etc...  Stepping out of my comfort zone in a major way here.
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by TygerMin on Aug 29, 2016
Well, that dream lasted for only 1 promo video lol.  Show is still happening, but I am the main character now.  Common sense should have told me a mascot talking to the camera is not only boring but its difficult to do anything with that vision.  He will still be used because I will film the mascot in public for the show.  My puppets will also make some appearances. 
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by Shawn on Aug 30, 2016
I would have to agree that as a "host" a mascot may not work that well.  Even in the live action shows using body characters there are always live actors.  I think he can still do quite a bit though. Especially with video. Just a bit of editing and there you are with him interacting.
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by TygerMin on Aug 30, 2016
That is a great idea!  Would have made a better character introduction video than the one I posted today.  It also gives me a few ideas for upcoming bits, since it is a show about exploring new things. 

If anyone is interested, the channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3gWR9B-yYqNtsLRnOg7ysA

I have some older videos up, and the last 3 posted were more introductory.  A children's book review with my daughter and the puppet J.D. will be posted on Thursday, and next week I will post a game challenge between the mascot Tyger, the puppet Edgaaar, and myself.  An online snake type game, going to see who gets the highest score in 2 games.  Thinking about doing one where I build a new character from a Project Puppet pattern as well. 
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by Gail on Aug 30, 2016
I am having trouble catching what your dream or purpose is, it seems so broad to me.  Are there certain directions that your ideas will go in?  Who is your target audience, kids, adults, anyone?  Is it purely entertainment or teaching? Mascots are often advertising, are you advertising something?  
Re: Dream project almost done Posted by TygerMin on Aug 30, 2016
It is very broad.  I have chosen to go with an idea that starts with no clear direction or audience.  Put simply, I want to try a lot of stuff and share the adventure of trying a lot of stuff.  Some of the stuff will just be me, some stuff with my daughter, some stuff with puppets, and some stuff with the mascot.  From small things like trying games, unboxing videos, trying new hobbies, and doing science projects to larger things like parachuting, visiting landmarks/attractions, or going on a mission's trip.  The show itself is part of the process, and will adapt as I go along.  The overall concept is exploring dreams and will be both entertainment and hopefully some teaching.  The mascot is more for entertainment and the plan is for him to show up at some family events just to interact with people, kind of like costuming but doing an original character. 

Not sure if that makes much sense.  So this week I did videos based off of:

I want to do a Geek Fuel box opening video.
I want to review a children's book with a puppet and my daughter.
I want to interview my daughter about her dream.
I want to tell people about the characters I will be using.

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