Smoothing expanding foam? Posted by Pr6i6e6st on Oct 03, 2016
Hey again guys! Got another question!

I've got this functional xenomorph costume I'm making. The head is made of "great suff" expanding foam. So its porous, there's holes, gaps and creases. Not great for a healthy xeno.

I've used "300 foam board" caulking for the teeth which is fine and attempted smoothing the rest of the head with it. Not so great. It's like trying to spread half cooked cake. It's too viscous and sanding the caulking doesn't seem like a great idea. It kinda rips off.

So question is, what could I use to smooth it out? Paper mache sounds too brittle. As does dry wall filler. It will be coated in latex after smoothing. What's my best bet?

Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions/tips/advice.
Re: Smoothing expanding foam? Posted by Shawn on Oct 04, 2016
There are products called FoamCoat and FlexCoat that prop builders use to cover foam. Perhaps one of those would work for you.
Re: Smoothing expanding foam? Posted by Pr6i6e6st on Oct 04, 2016
Thank you, that looks like it's probably exactly what I'm after. Much appreciated :D

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