Puppet pals? Posted by cirques on Nov 18, 2016
Hey there !! I hope this is the right section (feel free to move it if not @ moderators) !!

I'm looking for someone interested in being "puppet pals!!" Since the forum discussions aren't super active, I was hoping for someone who would like to skype (no calls, just IM)/email/write letters with me to hype about puppets !! This could include sharing pictures, puppet movies, talking about favourite puppeteers, shops, ect !!

I'm pretty sure most of my friends are tired of hearing about puppets.
Unfortunately, my closest friend that lives near me has never even seen Labyrinth. (

So !! I'd like to change that !!

Any takers? :'))
Re: Puppet pals? Posted by Franklin on Nov 18, 2016
Sure. Franklin Haynes the profile pic is a puppet head under construction, can't mistake it.
Re: Puppet pals? Posted by Dr Popet on Dec 24, 2016
I really like to talk about anything related with puppets !!!!

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