Advice on eyebrow mechanisms Posted by Grinchfairy on Dec 31, 2016
Im know absolutely nothing about how to make a puppet to honest. I've made another puppet previous to the one im working on currently. Though its pretty much just glue and foam layered peice by peice. This time around I want to make a good proper puppet. I want to try to give it movable eyebrows and maybe a blinking mechanism.

Any ideas or tips to make such a thing? I found one video where a wire is pulled making the eyebrows move up but I want to be able to give the puppet a angry expression as well.
Re: Advice on eyebrow mechanisms Posted by Gail on Jan 01, 2017
If you placed a pivot point under the eyebrow closer to the inside of brow it would angle up higher when the wire pulled it down.  So instead of gluing down the whole eyebrow to the head you could have the brow glued on a thin surface and have it attached more to the inside point to get that V look of mad eyebrows with the normal position holding the brow more level.  Play around with placements to see if that would give you the looks you want maybe with just a pin pivot before you glue or sew.

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