Howdy from Nashville! Posted by MrGreen23 on Feb 01, 2017
Hello everyone. Thought I'd introduce myself here before jumping into the topics. I've been lurking around for a week or two now.

I was given the nickname puppet probably 15 years ago or so after pulling a stuffed animal parrot golf club cover off some clubs I was helping to move. I quickly slid the thing over my arm and gave him a voice. I'm told I have a spot on Elmo impersonation among others and that I should do voice work. About a month ago I started researching the subject and in the search decided to look into puppet making as a lead to eventually build an Elmo replica that I can use with the impersonation. I jumped right in and have since built 3 complete puppets and am in the process of finishing out two others. I'm hooked. I have probably 10 more characters that I plan to bring to life in the near future. Everywhere I look I see eyes or noses. I see clothing or blankets that I know would make a perfect sacrifice for some wonderful character just waiting to put a smile on someones face.

I'll post my builds shortly, keep an eye out for them. I welcome feedback, positive and negative.   
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by Chris Arveson on Feb 01, 2017
Howdy io Nashville, and welcome!
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by The Director on Feb 01, 2017
Welcome to the community!
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by Shawn on Feb 02, 2017
Welcome to PandS!  Just a heads up, a lot of puppeteers and puppet builders have very strong opinions about replicating copyrighted puppets like Elmo.  I myself try to encourage folks to be creative and do their own thing but I also remember when I first got interested in puppets. I made a hand in mouth puppet that looked a lot like Cookie Monster. Was red instead of blue but still it was because I was inspired by the Sesame Street puppets.  The only rule I have in regards to this on PandS is that I do not allow folks to post about selling copyrighted characters or trying to get links to their site where they may sell copyrighted characters. I don't mind if folks want to share a puppet that they made for themselves that may be a replica, but I'll still encourage them to use their creativity to come up with something unique.  
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by MrGreen23 on Feb 02, 2017
Thanks everyone.

Shawn, I would have no intention of selling any copyrighted characters. Really have no intention of selling any of them at this time. It's a fun hobby and anything I build (for now) would only be for personal pleasure. A replica Elmo would be completely for my own collection and more specifically for the entertainment of my younger nieces and nephews. So they stop looking puzzled when they hear Elmo but can't see him anywhere. I intend to create my own characters with their own personalities. 
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by Shawn on Feb 02, 2017
I kind of had a feeling that was the case.  Ever so often I repeat the spiel when new folks come along just so they are not taken off guard in case a member blast them. Like what I am seeing of your work so far. Keep it up!
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by Dr Popet on Feb 04, 2017
Hi and welcome, when we'll see some of your puppets, I just can see one, pretty by the way, LOL

I don't want to see the replica, but the originals
Re: Howdy from Nashville! Posted by Franklin on Feb 04, 2017
Welcome to the mad house.

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