Vac u Form Question Posted by azag93 on Feb 10, 2017
Hi guy,

Just bought vac u form machine and I'm getting excited have my puppet eye profession but as I research
harder to find the answer my own question. The question is:

What do you use to fill the hole of shape after you mold the shape?

Hope anyone of you guys understand this.
Re: Vac u Form Question Posted by Shawn on Feb 11, 2017
I think that most folks simply use the shell.  I guess you could use expanding foam to fill it. The stuff you get in hardware stores  for filling in gaps around windows. I used that inside of plaster molds I made once and it worked pretty good. If you do that make sure you have enough "blanks" to fill so you can use up most of the foam in the can. Once you start it tends to clog up the nozzle and it is a pain to get it cleaned out for second use.

If you are using it for eyes you might be able to glue a bolt inside so you can attach it to the head. I've seen folks do that for acrylic eyes.
Re: Posted by DrPuppet on Feb 11, 2017
I typically leave them hollow. Most injection molded forms or vacuform forms are strong enough with just the edges of the plastic in place. Filling it full of things like foam or others will make it heavy and sometimes expanding foam can push things apart again. So if you go that route make sure you secure it very well until the foam completely hardens. However if you're going to secure it to the top of the head doll joints or screws or some other mechanism your definite going to want it somewhat Hollow on the inside so that you can get in there to attach things you might consider putting a bolt or lock nut inside the eye itself and then running the screw with a washer up to the top of the head into the nut. Just a thought.

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