Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Luck Dragon on Feb 19, 2017
Hi! My name (here) is Luck Dragon. I will respond to Luck, Lucky, Dragon, Drag, and especially will respond to Falkor. Call me whatever (but especially Falkor). I love The Neverending Story, Rhett and Link/Good Mythical Morning, Doctor Who, and Once Upon a Time. Now into the puppet stuff.
I've always loved puppets. I love What's in The Bible (by Phil Vischer), a show whose main characters are puppets (though it is directed toward younger children). Me, my brother, and cousin used to do a puppet show series with three of my cousin's puppets. I am currently practicing for a puppet show at school.
I hope to obtain puppets of my own soon and be able to do puppetry on a more regular basis. I have two puppets that I've done a puppet voice for. Greenie (the puppet I did with my cousin and brother in what we called The Greenie and Greenzo show) is a green dragon always chewing on a car. Her voice is higher pitch, slightly scratchy, almost always loud, and a little bit fast. She has a high-ego but is always adorable. Greenie is the puppet that I've done the most with and I get to use her for the school thing I'm doing (I was so excited to use her again). The second puppet I've used is a little human boy I named Clark. He's a small puppet. His voice is just a lower version of mine and I've only ever used him recently for school. Though I love to use him, I am definitely not as in to/attached to Clark as I am Greenie. Greenie's voice comes quite naturally to me and it is quite fun to use Greenie. Clark is also fun but isn't as unique. His part in our school thing is just one of explanation. I can't wait to get my own puppets and explore more characters.
For those who would like to give advice about voices, I have an issue. I can change pitch, but I have always not been able to do any sort of accent. Period. And I'm hoping to get puppets and use voices with accents that make them unique. Any voice advice? I hope that if I ever do get a puppet, it's voice will come to me along with a personality as I slip it on.

Thanks for reading this slightly long post. I'm very into puppetry and find lots of enjoyment from it. Excited to be here!
Re: Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Franklin on Feb 19, 2017
Welcome aboard. Never Ending Story and Labyrinth are two of my favorites. Personally, I wouldn't wait to obtain puppets, make them. There are tons of help around this site that can help with that.
Re: Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Shawn on Feb 20, 2017
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff! Glad you joined us Lucky.
Re: Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Dr Popet on Feb 20, 2017
Good luck and welcome !!!

About the voices I always recommend to start with your own voice, do not change it until you play with it and experiment all the possibilities. Start with french or german accent, then start to make your own accents, and then you can play with the pitch, try to play with the smallest creature you can imagine and then the bigger, when you play in the middle you will find a whole range. Too many things to play with, after you play with your own voice, watch tv and try to imitate cartoon characters, you maybe wont sound like them, but you will make new and different voices trying to make them.

I hope this help you
Re: Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Luck Dragon on Feb 20, 2017
Thanks everyone!
@Puppet Dude- I'll definitely look at some ways to make my own puppets. Sounds like fun!
@Dr Popet - Thanks for the advice! Most likely by trying the German/French accents I'll end up with something totally different LOL. I've never been able to do a British accent either. :3 Mimicking cartoons and characters will be fun and is actually really smart!
Re: Hi! New(ish) Puppeteer! Posted by Gail on Feb 23, 2017
My sons like to mimic movie characters they love.  Doing that will get you started on how to change your voice.  You could try to sound like Falkor, say some of his lines and before you know it you will be talking like him.  I used Bill and Ted's excellent adventure saying "Excellent" several times before my puppet show and then my voice was in the right place for my puppet.  Try to talk from different parts of your mouth, top, bottom, back front to see what you like. We always liked to have a catch phrase for each puppet that they repeated often. The more you practice the better you will get.

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