New Members story Posted by paul spence on Apr 30, 2017
Good day to you all, My Name is Paul and i have been into Medieval re-enactments for over 20 years, last year someone in the group suggested we have a go at making a puppet show for the children who attend the events so they would have something to play with. Well i thought "that's a good idea" and got on with making a few simple wooden puppets. At the next event the children showed no sign of interest whatsoever and i thought "well that was a waste of time" a few weeks later i started to ponder the idea of creating an Authentic puppet show from the Mid 15th Century. The more i thought of it the more excited i became and started to research the subject. unfortunately i didn't find the wealth of information i thought i would, so going on a few small manuscript pictures i started to build some puppets and a simple box theatre covered in canvas. The puppets are turned wooden heads and shoulders with a wooden rod to hold with stuffed bodies, wood hands and wire arms so they can be posed. I decided the clothing would have to be as accurate as possible for our period and are all made to correct patterns and fashions but in miniature. I picked to stories that i thought would be suitable, "St George and the Dragon" which is a classic and as i live in the City of Lincoln in the UK I picked a local legend called "the Tale of the Lincoln Imp" its about an evil imp that runs amok in the Cathedral until an angel comes down and battles him and eventually turns the imp to stone. He can still be seen to this day high up on one of the cathedrals pillars. The theatre has been designed with interchangeable scenery for each story. Well im pleased to say that when i first presented the shows at our next big event it was a great success and has gone from strength to strength and now its turning into a part time job! Hope you enjoyed reading my story. Thanks, Paul.
Re: New Members story Posted by Shawn on Apr 30, 2017
Welcome to PandS Paul!  Great story and I love the images you have uploaded to your Gallery. Really nice work. I like the design of your theater and how the scenery frames the action.
Re: New Members story Posted by Gail on Apr 30, 2017
Very nice job. Glad you had success.
Re: New Members story Posted by pagestep007 on May 03, 2017
Interesting story. So glad you are having  such success. It  must  be  such fun at your events.!
Re: New Members story Posted by Dr Popet on May 09, 2017
Great story!!! good that the first try don't to let you down and came back with better ideas and puppets, we wish you all the luck to make it bigger.

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