Disney Banshee puppet Posted by TygerMin on May 01, 2017
Disney World opens their new Pandora land on May 27th, and here is a video of some of the new merchandise.  At 0:33 you can see the variety of banshees they are selling and it shows a brief glimpse of how they operate.  Cable operated mouth, head, and wing movement.  Heard that they will be selling for $50.  Tempted to get two, one to play with and one to open up :D

Re: Disney Banshee puppet Posted by Dr Popet on May 09, 2017
Sorry but... nothing like the puppets, I want one!!  I like the system, I'll have to make my version of something in the shoulder, great.
Re: Posted by DrPuppet on May 11, 2017
That's a cool toy they are selling!

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