Back from afar Posted by SHould on Jun 04, 2017
Hi fellow puppet makers. It has been really a long time since I was here last. So much has happened in my life. Last week, I started to minimalize my workshop. I am still not done, but I am getting there. And while I was pondering if I should get rid of my puppetry books and a few tools, my heart screamed NO! And as soon as I will be all settled back in, I plan on working on only 5 passions of mine. Drawing, Painting, Knitting, Writing (or at least try to), and, you guessed it, making puppets. I used to try to do foam puppets, but with my little budget and limiting tools, I am finding that marionettes are what I can more easily do in my workshop and have fun keeping the kid in me that loves puppets alive. I really miss working on an old project of mine that I started when Shawn presented a mini-class on how to make marionettes online. Yeah, it's been a while. I still have all that stuff in my shop somewhere and I really want to go at it. So as soon as I am settled again, that is what I will do. Until next time, huge puppetry hug all!
Re: Back from afar Posted by Shawn on Jun 05, 2017
Welcome back!
Re: Back from afar Posted by SHould on Jun 05, 2017
Awesome, thanks. You can be sure that the minute I get a chance, I will go through the forum for anything relating to marionettes. I really missed that work. Life can get in the way sometimes. It will be awesome to be back to creating and learning.
Re: Back from afar Posted by pagestep007 on Jun 09, 2017
Welcome back... and definitely  YES, life does tend to get in the way....
Re: Back from afar Posted by Dr Popet on Jun 13, 2017
Welcome back!
Re: Back from afar Posted by SHould on Jun 14, 2017
Thanks Doctor Popet! It is good to be back :D

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