Hair Posted by Sandra on Jun 11, 2017
Hi all, I wanted to share a Youtube channel I found about how to work on wigs for dolls, or in our case can be used for puppets/marionettes. The channel is entitled Mozekyto and you can find it at I know I will use the info in it in future marionettes.
Re: Hair Posted by Dr Popet on Jun 13, 2017
Nice channel for references and techniques, Thanks!!!
Re: Hair Posted by Sandra on Jun 14, 2017
Welcome, glad to share with you all when I do find something that could help many.
Re: Hair Posted by Gail on Jun 24, 2017
Oh wow that is a great video.  I have always been so unhappy with my "hair" on puppets. This looks great and I think I can do this, but I may need a stylist to do the final cuts to look that good. Thank you so much for sharing this.
Re: Hair Posted by Sandra on Jun 26, 2017
Always happy to help Snail.

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