I'm Back Posted by cuttlefishstudio on Jun 13, 2017
I went away from puppetry because some people was giving some weird looks at me and my puppets.   But now I am doing what makes me happy and don't care what people thinks.   But I would also like to get with some other puppeteers in my area also. I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I'm getting excited to get started again.
Kevin Cutler
Re: I'm Back Posted by Sandra on Jun 14, 2017
Welcome back to this wacky world! Like you, I went away from this world but missed it too much after a while. It is good to be back. In my case, I am changing my practice. Instead of doing muppet style puppets, I want to try my hands on marionette making. Have fun and be the captain of your ship. Eventually, people will go to you because they will admire your work and they will no longer look at you funny.

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