3D Printing at UPS Posted by Gail on Jul 10, 2017
I just happened across this.  UPS is offering 3D printing at limited locations.  I found one location in Austin. I could not find the cost on line.

My son bought some 3D printers and scanners for prototypes for his work.  When he is training new people to use the printers he needs ideas to use for practice. He said he can have them make some puppet parts for me. I wonder if other training places would be willing to make parts too.
Re: 3D Printing at UPS Posted by Shawn on Jul 10, 2017
Looks like they are using HoneyPoint3d for this. They do have a page where you can upload a file and get a quote. https://www.honeypoint3d.com/partners/theupsstore/ 
Re: 3D Printing at UPS Posted by TygerMin on Jul 10, 2017
Interesting, might be a cheaper way then Makers Edge.  Love the idea, and worth the money, just can't afford that route.

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