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Ortha Posted by Tioh on Aug 30, 2017
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Here are some pictures of Ortha from the Eurofurence 23 puppet show: "The Skies of Astar" (an almost 3-hour amateur live show with took place in the Estrel Hotel, Berlin, Germany, 19th August 2017). She is a giant 4-legged puppet with foldable wings, that is played by 2-6 puppeteers (depending on what features are used). She can be carried by one puppeteer, put on a rolling rig or be lifted by two ropes. It took almost every weekend from January to July 2017 to build her - with usually 2-4 people working on it. I mostly worked on the head - making a 3d-model, 3d-printing it, building all the Bowden cable animatronics. Ortha is about 2.6meters long, weighs 14.98kg.

Her features include:
  • - 3d-printed head (PLA) Bowden-cable controlled animatronics (eyelids, ears, mouth, head-tilt front/back)
  • - foldable wings (each wing has three segments - the feathers of the second segment tilt when the wing closes) with removable rods and magnetic connectors on the body (to keep them in place in the folded position)
  • - control-rod for the head with 3d-printed levers, grips and battery holder
  • - blue LED-lights in the eyes (with a switch on the control-rod)
  • - movable eyelids
  • - folding ears
  • - movable lower-jaw
  • - tiltable head
  • - flexible neck and tail
  • - fully articulated front-legs
  • - movable back legs
  • - front-paws with inbuild gloves for the puppeteer
  • - back-paws with rods
  • - inbuild connectors that can be used to hold the weight of the puppet from above or below (14.98 kg)
  • - a hand sewed fake-fur cover that was painted with UV-paints (4 colors sprayed on, rubbed in with gloves and details drawn with UV-markers)

How Ortha was made (blog-post with many pictures ): https://tioh.livejournal.com/131664.html

We made several videos to test the puppet while we made it - here is a playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLHuH-0GDY9CtekiyRyLQv78YAG02n2xte

Re: Ortha Posted by Shawn on Aug 31, 2017
Amazing puppet! Really pleased  you took the time to document the build process.  Thanks for sharing her with us.
Re: Ortha Posted by Tioh on Sep 01, 2017
I took more pictures. If anybody wants to see more details just tell me.

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