Flame for Flare Posted by Gail on Sep 01, 2017
I finally retired from work yesterday!  We did a puppet show at my party to commemorate our successes.  I made floating roof tank and flash tank and a big flare with a flame, oh and Elvis like character.  The flare came out pretty good. I found a hanging Flame light cauldron at Party City and put it on top of a large tube. We used our christmas tree light foot switch to turn the flame on and off.  It had lights and fan that made the flame look very real.  We have been dealing with chemical companies that have trouble keeping their flares lit so it was great that the flame would go out and back on so clearly. I used the tune from the rooster song with new words, I loved that tune from the Booze Brothers video clip. I think it went over pretty good. Here is a shot.
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