The Muppets. (ABC) Opinions? Posted by Harley on Sep 03, 2017
So, I have viewed some of the episodes of The Muppets. on ABC. Yes. The period is part of the title. But personally, I'm not a fan of the show. However, I'm not against The Muppets characters having adult jokes because the Muppets ALWAYS had those kind of jokes. In fact, Jim Henson made live appearances with his characters where they got a little mature. However, here are my problems with the show. The fact that first off, the characters weren't zany like they always were. In the new show, the characters didn't do what they were meant to do: have some chaos, suspend disbelief, big musical numbers, etc. When they stripped down the characters to that extent, there wasn't very much possibilities for Muppet-esque happenings. And then, I will say, number two is the jokes. The Muppets make innuendos that are supposed to be subtle. In their movies and shows, they are subtle. However, the new show just kind of up and made wide-open jokes, which made them not as witty. That is what Henson Alternative is for. Henson Alternative is GREAT and really knows what it's doing, so why mix the two? Henson Alternative and the Muppet Workshop should remain separate, imo. But, so, that's my opinion. It's not that the show was AWFUL. There was some good puppetry in it and I laughed a a few jokes. It was definitely funny. But it didn't FEEL like the Muppets. Thoughts?
Re: The Muppets. (ABC) Opinions? Posted by Franklin on Sep 05, 2017
I watched three episodes and lost interest.

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