Hello Everyone! Posted by 8BallsofFur on Oct 03, 2017
Hi, thanks for having me. You can call me Jessi, I'm an amateur puppetry student, and worse amateur musician.I got into puppetry about three years ago when I was asked to help build puppets for a local theater house. Since then, I've built a few here and there (Dragons, various monsters) but nothing serious. So now, I'm gonna try to put more effort into it. Currently, I'm doing a finals project which is to make the eight balls of fur from sesame street and recreate the song/video that they were in. Its gonna be a big undertaking, but its alot of fun and I love the song. Well, glad to meet you guys and look forward to contributing!
Re: Hello Everyone! Posted by Shawn on Oct 04, 2017
Welcome to Puppets and Stuff!
Re: Hello Everyone! Posted by Dr Popet on Oct 09, 2017
Welcome Jessi, good luck with your project!
Re: Hello Everyone! Posted by preetcher on Oct 10, 2017
Welcome Jessi I to am a beginner and a musician of 61 years. You can certainly get a lot of help and ideas here.
God bless.
Re: Hello Everyone! Posted by The Director on Nov 02, 2017

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