The need to reblend seams over time Posted by Ryan Weaver on Dec 11, 2017
I use blizzard fleece and the henson stitch on most of my puppets and I've noticed that even though I can pick at the seams to blend them and make them invisible that over time they become visible and require reblending.  I'm curious to know if antron fleece does this same thing over time and also requires occasional reblending or if it retains its blending.  I've noticed in a lot of episodes of the muppet show that kermits seams are showing and I know he's made of antron fleece so I'm curious if it's really worth the extra money working with antron vs blizzard or anti-pill since I've been under the impression the purpose of working with antron is that it makes the seams more invisible.  Does antron perhaps have a longer time before needing to be reblended?
Re: The need to reblend seams over time Posted by 8BallsofFur on Dec 12, 2017
Hi Ryan! I've worked with Antron before , and it is different than typical blizzard or anti-pill. Its got a higher pile than those, so your seams are hidden much better. I would say that its worth it if you want to get all your seams perfect, but honestly I dont use it myself. I've been using something else called luxe fleece (at Joanns). Its got a fuzzy pile to it, its really thick, sews easy, and I find seams on that blend in real well. They just dont have a whole lot of bright colors. I've also messed around with minky fleece, which actually looks like super short fur, and its really good at hiding seams.
Re: The need to reblend seams over time Posted by Ryan Weaver on Dec 14, 2017
Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate the info.  I'll take a look at the luxe fleece next time I'm in Joanns and see what it's like.  May switch over to it if it works out well.

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