Gi'day from sunny New Zealand Posted by C16thFoxe on Jan 01, 2018
Long time no post but have been quietly lurking in the wings ...

Have had a change of direction regards puppetry: started in-depth researching shadow puppetry last year. Been reading "Theatre of Medieval Cairo - The Ibn Daniyal Trilogy" ("The Shadow Spirit", "The Amazing Preacher & The Stranger" & "The Love-Stricken One & The Lost One Who Inspires Passion") translated & edited by Safi Mahfouz & Marvin Carlson, Martin E Segal Theatre Center Publications, New York, 2013 with a view towards performance (although royalties may prohibit this). A word of warning though: these C13th Arab shadow puppet plays are NOT for children, filled as they are with obscenities and scatological references.

Anyways, Happy New Year to all the folks at Puppets & Stuff.

Re: Gi'day from sunny New Zealand Posted by Shawn on Jan 02, 2018
Looking forward to seeing some of the results of your research!

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