New Website! Posted by Franklin on Apr 01, 2018
Labor of Love part 1 in the can! Finally got my website up and now let the branding begin. FYI before hand should anyone want to check it out, it's not entirely complete, a lot of temp videos until I get the ones completed that I want to do, I should get my first blog up by April 2nd (hopefully) and it is a little on the busy side, but that is kind of my personality, so any and all feedback is awesome.
Of course I gave a big shout out and link to P&S on the home page because this site rocks so much. If you do find any broken links, etc. would love to know.  
Re: New Website! Posted by Shawn on Apr 02, 2018
Looks good! Thanks for the shout out!
Re: New Website! Posted by TygerMin on Apr 02, 2018
Love the layout!  Though you may want to double check your social media links.  Can't seem to get to your YouTube page. 
Re: New Website! Posted by Franklin on Apr 02, 2018
thanks for the update, I will check it out.

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