Foam queastion Posted by Sandra on May 08, 2018
Hi guys, I have been watching some videos online and found this one from the Center from puppetry arts entitled Henson Conservation at Dragon Con 2015, and the conservative employee talked about Nu Foam. Any of you guys know about it?
Also, it's super hard for me to find 1/2" reticulated foam. I live in Canada. Anybody can point me to a place where I could get some at a low price?
Oh, one last question. Is reticulated foam good in sewing it. I have glued it in the past but I would like to try other techniques in making my puppets as well as materials, which is why I asked you all about the NU foam.
Re: Foam queastion Posted by Shawn on May 09, 2018
I had never heard about it or seen it but from looking up the product on line it seams to be a variation on the high density memory foam that is for outdoor use. High density foams can be used but they tend to be a bit heavier. You don't have to use reticulated foam. Any foam really can be used. I never used the reticulated.

Most foams can be sewn but you generally have to wedge them between two pieces of fabric on the sew line. Otherwise the seams rip under stress. Foam bodies for costume characters are often made in this manner.  They take reticulated foam and then use a mesh fabric on each side. Here is a link to and example of the fabric I am talking about.
Re: Foam queastion Posted by Sandra on May 09, 2018
Oh, so they put a mesh layer on both sides? Do they add fleece on top of a mesh? It's pretty fascinating. But won't adding two layers of mesh with the fleece and foam make the puppet too heavy to use for long?

It will greatly improve my own work in time. Thanks!
Such awesome info in this forum. My home away from home.
Thanks so much Shawn for this input. I love learning new things.
Re: Foam queastion Posted by Shawn on May 11, 2018
Well normally this technique is used to make bodies for walk around puppets/mascots. Then a "covering" or the costume goes over that. If you where going to use it for a hand in mouth puppet what you might want to do is use fleece on one side and the mesh on the other.
Re: Foam queastion Posted by Sandra on May 11, 2018
Oh, I see. Thanks Shawn. Still, until I can get the budget to buy fleece and good foam, I will have to stick with marionettes for now. But no matter what type of puppets we do, it's still a ball to experiment and have fun creating.

Thank you so much Shawn for your help. You, as always, is incredible in offering all this info for free.

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