Reddit Anyone? Posted by Franklin on Jul 31, 2018
Who in here gets on Reddit? I have been playing around with it lately and didn't find any subreddits that I liked because the ones I have come across seem to be more fan based rather than educational so I started one and wold like to get activity to it that would draw in newbie puppeteers and builders so that we can inspire and help the next generation of puppet professionals that may be looking for help. I wasn't for sure if I could add the link because I don't want to spam, but was just wondering if it is worth messing with or not.
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by Shawn on Jul 31, 2018
Never used Reddit. You are welcome to post a link if you want.
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by Franklin on Aug 02, 2018
Thanks, I appreciate it. Some forums are more strict than others, so I prefer to error on the side of caution. is the subreddit, but I just started it.
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by TygerMin on Aug 03, 2018
I have dabbled with Reddit, in the NewTubers subreddit....not real familiar and still learning.  Will have to check it out!
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by Franklin on Aug 04, 2018
I almost think I am going too many directions at once with the website, the blog, the youtube and the reddit. I may need to pull back and concentrate on one at a time. There seems to be some good engagement on reddit, but I am seeing more activity on Youtube.
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by TygerMin on Aug 04, 2018
One way to look at it is a form of advertising.  First glance at the Reddit is linking back to your blog/YouTube videos, that is an audience you might not normally have without it.  If you view them as continued commentary on each topic, then they are working together.  Kind of like social media.  I was thinking having FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube was a bit too much as I was trying to do something different on each.  Now they all point to the same place in the hopes that I reach different audiences. 
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by Franklin on Aug 04, 2018
My fear was that I was going into too many directions, but I do try to have everything kind f direct back to the blog posts now and as I get more into it, I hope to get the blogs to actually direct to youtube. I guess I am just being a little impatient with the reddit group because I haven't really gotten any traction. Maybe if I give it a few more months I may attract some more engagement.
Re: Reddit Anyone? Posted by The Director on Aug 22, 2018
I forgot my reddit password but will try

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