Re: feet slip while walking Posted by olioliola on Aug 25, 2018
Do you mean something like this ?? (3 différent methods...)
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for the first and second methods, when I lean the head in the side, the shoulder lean too...
the second one allows me to lean the head down
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The third one don't have the horizontal bar so I can move the head without moving the shoulder...
Re: feet slip while walking Posted by Shawn on Aug 26, 2018
I attach the shoulders to a bar like you have your elbows attached now. Suspended below the main control by a cord. The head is attached to a bar that is solid to the main control. That way the control can tilt left and right to make the head move without affecting the shoulders.  Then my elbows are right behind that on a pivot like you show in the third image. So order of controls for each are head, shoulders then elbows.

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