Performance tips Posted by Franklin on Sep 01, 2018
Just published my latest blog post and thought I would run this question up the flag pole in here and see how the brains of other performers work.
Question: What habits, rituals, and/or must dos do you do on a regular basis when developing and performing your program?
Re: Performance tips Posted by TygerMin on Sep 05, 2018
Great blog!  Bookmarked to re-read in the future when I try to put together a program.  I know for videos, I do a quick bullet point run through which I seem to never follow once I hit record.  For now, my biggest thing is staying in voice.  Something I will have to work on before doing something live.
Re: Performance tips Posted by Franklin on Sep 07, 2018
I always have problems with staying in voice myself. Eventually I want to get where I am converting all of my blogs to video, but right now I just don't have the time, plus I have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies  so might be awhile. Glad you enjoyed the blog. I try to put out a new one every Saturday. Will probably pick your brain more when I move up to more video production.

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