Re: Tube (pool noodle) puppets Posted by Patmur on Jul 29, 2016
Thanks Shawn.  I do not get to check in as frequently as I used to.
I did use pool noodles as the "core" of each piece but they were not "fat" enough for me (and did not glow).  So I added some foam to make them bigger and covered with fabric to glow.  That was the size we wanted so that being said it is strictly done according to your needs and expectations.  The legs only bend at the knee which is strapped to the Puppeteers knee. We have used them lots of times and they work great.  Because they are homemade, with a skeleton of PVC & 1/2" black webbing, they are heavy, so it is usually used by our older Puppeteers. But they are definitely a favorite!

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