Greetings from The Oracle! Posted by NeonNazgul on Feb 02, 2019
Hello fellow puppet peeps! I'm Kevin, puppeteer and showrunner for Operation: PUG. I just launched a new puppet-based show on YouTube and wanted to invite y'all to have a look:

Until the YouTube wizards bless me with The Great Algorithm(tm) I'm depending on word-of-mouth and shares on social media to get the word out. Any sharing you could do would be greatly appreciated. It's a labour of love and the only thing I want out of it is to have people watch & enjoy. 
Re: Greetings from The Oracle! Posted by Shawn on Feb 05, 2019
Welcome to Pupppets and Stuff Kevin!
Re: Greetings from The Oracle! Posted by Franklin on Feb 06, 2019
Kevin, As a fellow nerd and puppeteer, this is brilliant; the concept, the production, the quality of puppetry, you are amazing. I am definitely subscribed and look forward to future episodes and I will definitely be promoting your channel.

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