Hello from North Carolina Posted by grampy on Mar 18, 2019
Hi everyone,
 I’m Dave. Husband, father, grandfather and professional videographer. Recently my 4 year old grandaughter expressed interest in making videos and I quickly figured out that “we” don’t exactly have the right chemistry to make it interesting for other kids etc soooo I thought using a puppet to interact with my grandaughter would be more interesting. I bought one of those FAO Schwartz “whatnotworkshop” puppets/muppet because it was inexpensive and I’m not sure how this is going to work out. After viewing a bunch of how to and tips videos I’m finding it very difficult to move the lower jaw of the puppet only vs the upper jaw. It could be that I’m just not used to it but it seems the jaw is not very pliable and my hand gets fatigued very easily. Anyone have experience with these puppets and/or suggestions on how to make the mouth/jaw easier to manipulate? I’m going to post this in general discussion as well as introduction. Thanks!!
Re: Hello from North Carolina Posted by Shawn on Mar 19, 2019
Welcome to PandS Dave.  I answered your question over in your other post. Well at least I gave you my take on it.

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