The Science of Puppetry Posted by SillyBobScience on Nov 04, 2019
Hello.  I’m James, 43, from Fife, Scotland.  Pleased to meet you.

Over the summer months my wife and I set ourselves a little project: to make a puppet and use it to create a ‘Science for Kids’ YouTube channel along with our eight year old son.  Neither of us had any experience in puppet building but we do both like a wee crafty project! 

All three of us pitched in at different points to put the puppet together and to record and edit the show.  We posted the first video a couple of weeks back?  My puppeteering skills certainly need work (hence me joining this forum) but we enjoyed making the video and thinking of daft ways to make the subject fun. 

We’re planning to make some more episodes soon, but for the time being we’ve just got a couple of videos up.

The channel is called Silly Bob Science, named after our crazy blue-haired puppet Professor Silly Bob.

Looking forward to speaking with you on the forum.

Re: The Science of Puppetry Posted by Franklin on Nov 04, 2019
"How does a computer work" At the start of the song, you had me. You are definitely on to something. Great concept, welcome to the group.
As for puppeteering, I noticed some flipping the lid going on,, but it is a new puppet and the design of the head may have the lower jaw a little tight which has a tendency of subconsciously making the operator flip the lid. Just remember to move your thumb and keep the top of your hand as stationary as possible and you will be fine. I can't say I noticed any other glaring issues with the performance, so if you are just starting out, you are a natural. Keep up the awesome work and if you need any help don't hesitate to ask. I have already subscribed to your channel and look forward to the new stuff.
Re: The Science of Puppetry Posted by SillyBobScience on Nov 05, 2019
Thanks Puppet_Dude, it’s very much appreciated.

Good feedback - I’ll try to avoid the flipping the lid thing next time.  I did think that his head seemed a bit too manic in the two videos I’ve recorded.  It didn’t occur to me that the jaw should move down rather than have the entire top of his head swivel up like a flip-top bin!  Haha - oops!

The feedback I’ve had on the  computer song seems to be that it9s too long and gets way too complicated towards the end.  I think the next few videos will be more like the format of the ‘ice experiments’ video where Silly Bob does experiments and talks the audience through whats happening. 

It’s definitely a learning experience for me, so I really appreciate your advice.  Thanks.
Re: The Science of Puppetry Posted by Shawn on Nov 05, 2019
Welcome to PandS James.  Very nice to meet you.

Well done on the videos. There is some nice production value there. Interesting you mentioned folks thought the computer one may be two long. At about 4 mins in I checked to see how much longer the video was going to be, so keeping them a bit shorter might be a good idea. If a video seems to be getting to long then perhaps break it up into two videos.

I see your avatar is not showing up... I'll try and figure out what is up with that. May have gotten corrupted on the upload.
Re: The Science of Puppetry Posted by SillyBobScience on Nov 05, 2019
Thanks very much Shawn. 

I think for future videos I'll try running them past my eight year old son first!  If he starts to glaze over, I'll know I've overdone it! 

I'm hoping to make videos fairly regularly (I'm aiming for a weekly schedule) so shorter videos will certainly help with that too.



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