Just got into puppets Posted by Johnny on Nov 07, 2019
Hi I'm Johnny!

Drawing has been my passion for over 10 years, but about a month ago I picked up making music, videos, and voice acting.

I've always enjoyed puppets, but I recently got seriously excited about puppets after my friends and I watched The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance together. Now we are talking about making some puppets for our next dnd campaign and I'm looking to soak up whatever knowledge I can about puppetry/puppet-making and maybe find some new puppet media!

You can find stuff I create on my art blog!
Hopefully I'll have some puppets to add to the blog soon!

Looking forward learning from ya'll and sharing ideas!
Re: Just got into puppets Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 07, 2019
If you want to learn to make your own puppets a great resource is Adam Kreutinger. He talks about everything from making puppets to performing and filming them. My son and I learned a lot from his Youtube tutorials while gearing up to make our own Youtube puppet shows.

Here's a link to his channel. https://www.youtube.com/user/Kreuam28
Re: Just got into puppets Posted by Shawn on Nov 09, 2019
Welcome to PandS!  Happy you decided to join us.

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