What are your favorite puppet shows on Youtube? Posted by FleeceNFluff on Nov 07, 2019
We recently started a Youtube show with puppets and I'm curious about other shows that people like to watch. It's really hard to find puppet shows on Youtube because when I do a search I mostly find things related to computer programming or most of the puppet videos are clips of stand up comedians with puppets.

I'll share some of my favorites here but please add any that you enjoy.

Glove and Boots - A groundhog and ... red guy? 

Toiley - A talking roll of toilet paper that talks about internet trends, etc.

Arlo - A blue, monster puppet that does video game review videos.

Transylvania TV - This one seems to have died off but they had some interesting videos for a while. https://www.youtube.com/user/TVTVonline

So what other puppet shows are lurking out there on Youtube?


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